Saturday, March 4, 2017


If you live in West Palm Beach or the surrounding area and have not made your way to Grato just yet - you're really missing out.  I've been hearing nice things for the past year.  The attractive fascade on Dixie Highway is a real head turner as you cruise southbound, across from the large plot of dirt that used to be the Carefree Theater (soon to be a new theater/living/retail space).  My wife's birthday was this past Tuesday and a perfect opportunity to try out this newish Italian restaurant.

The menu is fairly sparse, but well selected.  There are pizzas, which looked and smelled tempting.  My wife had the chicken parmigiana, very nice.  I had the paccheri pasta (homemade), covered in "Sunday gravy" and sausage.  Atop the dish was ricotta cheese laced with herbs.  Wonderful.  My mother and grandmother always called the tomato sauce - that sat on the stove for up to a day before being served - gravy.  The portion was just right, not the oversized madness you'd likely get elsewhere, or at your momma's house. I briefly worried it wouldn't be enough, but it's amazing how satiated you can be when you eat slowly, allowing your brain to catch up.

Slow eating will also allow you to thoroughly enjoy the interior of Grato.  Ceiling ductwork gives a cool, hip, retro atmosphere, but not one that will make you wince.  The chandeliers add some old school class. We sat by the front windows, behind us a well arranged assortment of various sized tables and a full bar.  The crowd was quite a mix of ages and attire.  I still can't understand why people wear shorts to dinner.  Yes, it's Florida but c'mon!

By the way, don't skip dessert.  We shared the bread pudding, with a scoop of incredibly rich cappuccino ice cream on the side.  All the sweets sounded excellent.

Just go.

1901 S. Dixie Hwy.
West Palm Beach, FL  33401
(561) 404-1334

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