Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Indeed, Christmas

It is finally Christmas Day. Weeks of anticipation, endless holiday music, and parties and here we are. One of my friends once spoke of how anticlimatic the Day always seemed to be. How could anything live up to such hype?

Well, 2007 is the year I finally got it. Christmas is EVERY DAY in Christ. Yes. Don't stop the presses. I'm a slow learner.

I used to always get depressed, usually sometime late on the Day. The 26th through the 31st was a dim time, filled with reminders of the magical season just passed.

The lights and other tangibles are all wonderful. I do love decoration, but the real reasons are there every day. The warmth and love are ours 365. You know all of this, but do you take solace in it? Does it really comfort you?

In a week or so, I'll pack away the tree. Always a sad time. This year, I'll finally be able to continue to bask in Christmas even when every last trace has disappeared...until next year, you know, right after Halloween or so (hollow laugh).

Merry Christmas, today and always!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Two Weeks

Until Christmas. Yes, I'm still the intermittent blogger.

This is an odd Christmas season; I am not really into it. Sure, the weather outside is anything but frightful, again, but it's so much more than that. I've decorated the pad, attended Christmas programs, parties, but...it's odd. Can't quite place it. Maybe I'm too busy with work.

But all the trappings are temporal. Knowing that Jesus was born and later resurrected, and the immeasurable peace such knowledge provides is what Chistmas is about. Those arch Baptists from my teen years were correct: it's not about FEELING. Not entirely, anyway. Faith is the greatest treasure, the gateway to which one can know such peace. In these days of grandstanding atheists like C. Hitchens and R. Dawkins and their minions, my faith in the Prince of Peace stands ever firm. I have plenty to say about this, how treating science as if it is everything requires more faith than believing in an unseen deity. Another entry, later. No, really.

Tomorrow we are having an office Christmas party. Our troubled office. Another entry.

Sleep. Need it. Goodnight!