Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today is Halloween. I have a very rare weekday off and it's allowing me sufficient time to recall all the past ones. As a child, it was a typically fun time of cheap Woolworth costumes and bags filled with Marathon bars and Baby Ruths. I was allowed to trick or treat around the neighborhood, carefully avoiding that jackass down the street who flung rubber snakes at the unsuspecting tykes who rang. Maybe that guy is rotting away somewhere. Would serve him right. But God loves him too.

I live in somewhat of a secluded abode, behind a thick wooden fence and bamboo forest, so I probably won't get to drop goodies into any bags. Maybe some day.

As a Christian, this "holiday" has always posed a bit of a problem for me. A study of history reveals pagan origins. Evil rituals. Well, a Christmas tree is a pagan symbol, too. How do we choose to celebrate? I like dressing up and candy and pumpkin artistry. When I have children, they'll get to participate, but will also get a good dollop of mother and dad's explanation of it all. It's fun, with some caveats. Perspective, man. One must have it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where's He Been?

So yes, it's been over 4 months since I last posted. I know. An entire summer passed. In that time, I ended a job, began an externship, got a new apartment, presented research data at a convention, travelled. Excuses or reasons for my blog inactivity, which do I hand out?

But....I feel like I am typing into a vacuum. No one is reading this. These thoughts are floating on bandwidth in vain. No one is involved, tracking. Except me. Isn't that what blogs are about? Narcissism? Catharsis? Some of both.

I love to write, but you'd never guess that from my stymied, not exactly prolific output here. Maybe that will change. My life has been eventful. There is so much to share, but so much of it is private and delicate. Putting it out there seems some sort of violation. But no one is reading this, so.......

I am blessed. That I will say for now. I have a great place to live, a loving fiancee, a great externship. Much more.

It's the night before Halloween. The year has evaporated rather quickly, but what a year. More on that later. Honestly.

So maybe someone is actually checking this out. Perhaps you clicked on the link from Wraith's site. His "childhood friend." Indeed I was. So much to say about that period of my life, too. Overwhelming to recount. So, another time.