Sunday, December 11, 2016


Over Thanksgiving weekend in Manhattan we brunched at an attractive Chelsea spot called Cookshop, one of many "farm to table" restaurants that have become common in many U.S. cities over the past decade.  The atmosphere is bright and friendly.  We had reservations on a Sunday afternoon at 3 and the place was packed. Mostly locals, it seemed. I could tell more by the snatches of conversations overheard and facial expressions than by the clothes.  When you've been somewhere for awhile or several times you get a sense of who is a tourist and who isn't.  Pretension was at a minimum with clientele and wait staff alike.

The brunch menu includes old favorites like tuna melts and pancakes, though with alternative touches like capers and pepitas.  Whipped mascarpone is in the buttermilk batter. Vanilla poached grapefruit can be found in the baked French toast.  I ordered the fried egg sandwich and it was a beauty, stuffed with potato hash, sausage, and jalepeno cabbage slaw.  Our brunch quartet shared beignets filled with ricotta and dabbed with spiced honey. A Dutch baby pancake can also be selected, not to mention Vermont burrata.  Is your mouth watering?

I also recommend the Gentleman Collins as a cocktail.  There were several bloody mary choices as well.

If you find yourself on the High Line or thereabouts you should give Cookshop a try, though reservations seem to be a good idea.  It was a nice finish to a fabulous few days in northern Jersey and the city, and a welcome break from turkey leftovers.

156 Tenth Ave. (at 20th)
New York, NY  10011
(212) 924-4440 
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