Saturday, October 1, 2016

Horror Month Revisited

For the past few years I've featured at least a couple of slots in October for what might be called "horror" films, or "thrillers" or whatever your pleasure.  In 2014 I got inspired enough to fill the entire month with 'em.  It's happening again.

Over the next thirty-one days, you'll get nothing but posts detailing films designed to make you shiver, possibly even feel nauseous at times.  I used to be quite a fan of this kind of thing but not so much now.  Current horror films really don't interest me.  They're either remakes or cheaply produced cash grabs (PARANORMAL series).  Many feature that washed out, really ugly cinematography that seems to be in fashion. Others are so-called "torture porn" (SAW, HOSTEL) or just plain vile (HUMAN CENTIPEDE).  Just "geek shows" as Roger Ebert used to say.

Some of this year's entries are not bona-fide "horror".  One is a documentary about a man who created several such movies.  Another is a fairly recent meta exercise about horror films.  Still another is a cult classic that is as discomforting as anything I've seen, but maybe not a true blue terror exercise.  A few of them are almost spoofs.   Hey, it's my blog and I'll post what I want.

So there.  Have fun.

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