Friday, June 24, 2016

Cut 432

There are several gems on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, FL but Cut 432, which is not in fact a barbershop but rather a glittering eatery, really stands out.  It is primarily a steakhouse, with several choice "cuts" on its menu, but diners may also indulge raw bar and seafood offerings.  There are nice words about chicken, pork, and lamb entrees as well.

But for a first visit, as I had on a recent Saturday eve with my wife and friends, you want to go for the red meat (all corn fed, as far as I could find).  I had a twelve ounce filet that was the best I've had in a few years.  Even better than the piece I had at Morton's last summer.  Yes, it cut like butter and its medium preparation had just enough juice to make it sublime in that unique way that steak manages. My wife had a prime skirt steak with fries.  The menu also features a thirty-five day aged Porterhouse designed to be shared.

Our table also shared a tower of huge onion rings, roasted mushrooms, and truffled mac (shells) and cheese.  All were outstanding.  This would likewise describe the service - exemplary.  Tony was our waiter, and he sported a thick New Yawk brogue despite his Asian appearance.  A real gentleman, old fashioned class and he took care of you like they did in the old days.  The busboys were invisible but were right there every time a plate need retrieval or a glass needed refilling.  Our dessert, a ridiculously large slice of chocolate cake, was good and moist but easily the least of what we ordered.

The restaurant itself is new and trendy looking, with a clientele filled with many who were obviously there to be seen.  Despite that, the vibe was really favorable.  Not obnoxious at all.  It all felt fancy and adult, something really lacking in almost any arena these days.  Everyone was well dressed and the atmosphere was sophisticated.  A welcome reprieve from the juvenile feel of so many spots any more.

Cut 432
432 E. Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach, FL  33483
(561) 272-9898
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