Friday, January 29, 2016

The Grilled Cheese Gallery

Yesterday it was cupcakes.  Today it is grilled cheese? Trends are fascinating in the business world, especially in the culinary realm.  For all of the artisans creating imaginative dishes coupling foods you'd never think would complement each other so well, others are going back to basics.  Comfort food.  How hip? Maybe for some, like that Manhattan eatery that served Swanson Hungry Man dinners on fine china and charged the earth for it.  Other restauranteurs recognize a market that is untapped.  Especially in up and coming/revitalized neighborhoods like Northwood in West Palm Beach, FL.

Northwood has steadily transformed from another depressed bit of urban blight to rows of creative bistros and art galleries. Places like Cafe Centro and Relish have been around for a few years.  Others have come and gone; such is the nature of business.  But Jeffery Thompson (owner of O-BO, a very good restaurant next door) has created a sure fire win, a place that has been an immediate hit since its opening last year.

The Grilled Cheese Gallery assumed a small spot formerly occupied by a Jamaican grill in a small strip plaza midway down Northwood Road. My wife and I went a few weeks back and had a hugely satisfying meal.  The menu includes several decadent versions of the classic as seen above.  I had the "Mondial": mozzerella and prosciutto on ciabatta with a side of fig jam.  Excellent.  My wife, who's had to cool it with carbs and spicy ingredients of late, had the "Disco", which has vegan cheese and tofu on wheat bread.  Other sandwiches add meats and oyster mushrooms.  Some folks dining next to us tried "A Night in Amsterdam", which is a heavenly sounding concoction of swiss, gouda, guyere, and cheddar.

I also tried the tomato basil soup. Nice blend of spices.

The menu even includes a few varieties of the Canadian favorite poutine! Next time.

The Grilled Cheese Gallery
30 Northwood Road, Suite 1

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