Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Farewell, Mitsu'

Well, it's been a long ride, good Mitsubishi.  Eleven plus years. Ever since my second semester of graduate school.  The first five years or so were fairly punishing for you.. Many drives to Davie and later Boca Raton from W.P.B.  During those critical years, you never gave me a bit of trouble.  You were the most reliable vehicle I ever had.  After years of aggravation with Chevys and Fords, cars that "had more miles on them vertically than they did horizontally", as Dangerfileld once quipped,  you, a 2002 Galant provided the stability my inconsistent schedules required. I experienced every emotion in those seats, had conversations that ranged from silly to studious. Listened in horror to some news reports and laughed along with Car Talk. Lots of music, too.  Recently, I gazed at the passenger side and thought of some of the many who shared a ride: family, friends, bosses, preceptors, classmates, co-workers, students, patients, friends of friends.  Some who are no longer with us.

I bought you at CarMax, a great experience.  Any plug I can give them is welcome.  I detest the usual dealership atmosphere, all the bullshit.  Some enjoy the negotiating - but not this guy.  It was an auspicious introduction.  What was your first owner(s) like? You had 29 K on your two year old chassis.

Immediately you were subjected to marathon drives. My fuel bill was considerable.  Then came three hurricanes - you braved those without a hint of damage, even as seemingly every projectile flew around you.  Later, when I took a job a mere five miles from home you got to relax a bit, though the nonstop road construction in this town was rough on you. I did my best to keep up with the usual maintenance. I did have to apply duct tape to a broken gas cap door and a driver's side mirror that knocked against a road cone.

This year your timing belt went, and that was the end.  My trusted mechanics misaligned the new one on the first pass and even after it was corrected it was just never the same.  It was time. I'd been thinking about trading you in long before but was very happy without a monthly payment.  Events this year have transpired to allow me to inherit a car from a deceased family member.  A few weeks later, I learned that another family member was in need of a vehicle as his was on its last legs. The opportunity was there to keep you among loved ones.  Worked out perfectly.

So Mitsu', your days are not quite over. A new life!  More miles to go before you sleep.  Yes, you need more attention.  A second opinion and diagnosis.  More "doctor" intervention.  Mechanics are sort of like surgeons, right? Before you head to that final resting place, that yard, I think you have more work to do. A family to transport.  Keep them safe.

I wanted to thank you for your tireless (so to speak) service, and make anyone who reads this aware of your breed, how trustworthy you are.  Salud!
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