Friday, July 26, 2013


In 1982, rock superstar Bruce Springsteen dialed down his usual manic energy and recorded Nebraska, a stark, moody collection of Americana that is even better today, and just as relevant, as it was over 30 years ago. The stories he tells will ring familiar to many, particularly those who never escaped the confines of their dusty, boarded up store-fronted small towns. Those who never meant to break the law but found themselves on the wrong side before they knew what was happening, and had little choice.  Sean Penn was even inspired by one track, "Highway Patrolman" to write and direct THE INDIAN RUNNER.

As strong as Springsteen's next album, the megahit Born in the U.S.A. was, with its depictions of a broken America, Nebraska does it more effectively, with less bombast. Listen to this album by yourself, with no distractions. Preferably at night. It's heartbreaking.

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