Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tourista, Book VII

I felt that our evening visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris deserved its own entry. We certainly "got an Eiffel of the tower in France" as 10cc sang long ago. It concluded a very busy first day in the City of Lights. My wife was determined to show me all the main points of the city, and as we'll discuss we managed to do many in just 2 days!

There are 4 entrances to the Tower. A surly (the only such kind of chap we encountered in Paris) security guard checked our bag and up the stairs we went. The night views of the city - nothing short of spectacular. Periodically, bulbs flash at various points on the structure, too - a tres cool effect no matter where you are. When you get to the 1/4 way point or so, you have the option to take an elevator. We kept climbing, despite a long day of hiking behind us. The familiar stairwell reminded me of so many films. Finally, by the halfway point, we gave in and rode to the upper levels. The highest possible one had a very long line to the outer vantage points. I recall a group of German teens laughing near us. It was after 11 P.M. on a weeknight, but I guess it was still full tilt tourist season in Europe.

Once we reached the rails, we took several shots that unfortunately came out in messy swirls of light. Kinda cool in a more abstract way. We were trying some special effects that didn't quite work out, but again, amazing views of the city. It's another of those moments you can't quite put into words. Everyone needs to gaze out over Paris from the Eiffel tower before they pass on....
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