Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tourista, Book Three

Our second day in the Basque country, my wife, FIL, and I drove to Irouleguy (an area known for its vineyards, if not for great wine, depending on who you ask) and the surrounding areas and had a lovely lunch at a restaurant near the Pyrenees mountains. Speaking of which, we later pulled over and walked the grassy fields overlooking peaks and vallies of Majesty. Another locale that put the strokes of God's paintbrush before us. The Pyrenees are just glorious. I wanted to remain and just state and stare.....
We later rode through kilometers of winding mountain roads and fauna. I was still excited. Heck, I'm always excited to see elevations and canyons, things that don't really exist in South Florida.

The next day we took a light commuter rail to Bayonne, then a bus to the coastal town of Biarritz, long known for its whaling trade and surf culture. We strolled the beach and the surrounding roads, each filled with unique shops and eateries. There is a famous food market that came highly recommended. You should've been there. An array of fish, cheese, pastries, and sundries that was quite impressive. For example,
We would've picked up a few things but we had a long day ahead, not suitable for perishables. We wandered and eventually found a good spot for blood sausage (nestled in a puff pastry) and duck. Chased it with a bottle of 1644, a most decent French beer. I'm sure it's possible to get a bad meal in France, but we did not have such luck. I also learned that you do not tip; waiters are actually given a decent wage. Those wacky Socialists! If you tip, wait staffs are either baffled, embarrassed, or humbled.

Biarritz is a lovely, medium sized town that nonetheless seemed quite the metro compared to where we were staying. It's worth a look....
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