Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cafe Sapori

This past Valentine's Day evening I took my wife to Cafe Sapori, located on the northwest corner of Southern Blvd. and Washington Road in West Palm Beach. Diagonal from St. Catherine's Greek Orthodox Church.  CS is an excellent Italian restaurant, with beautiful and sparing decor under those delightful wooden rafters seen in many old Florida structures, like my grandparents' old house just a mile or so south.

We began with a calamari (grigliati) appetizer, refreshingly not fried but grilled. The texture may be difficult for those accustomed to the usual batter but its chewiness was just fine for us. My wife had the Salmone con salsa di Albiocche, bathed in an apricot mustard sauce that was unique and tasty. I chose one of the "Signature Dish"es, the Tagliolini con Polipo e Escarola, which is a long noodle pasta adorned with escarole (so familiar from my childhood as my grandparents made it every week), sun dried tomato and octopus.  Absolutely fabulous.  The flavors revealed themselves gradually, the way in which a good subtle dish ought.

For dessert we were served ricotta shaped into a heart, bordered with raspberry sauce. Above you can also see a pile of fig and a scoop of honey ice cream and crunchy nougat. As good as it looks and sounds. We also shared an Italian red and after dinner drinks. The entire meal was just over $100, a real deal for such fine dining. Recommended. 

Cafe Sapori
205 Southern Blvd 
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
(561) 805-7313

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